The Funding You Need, When You Need It


Can’t buy that property? Can’t prove your income? How about a Stated Income No Doc loan? Qualified customers enjoy competitive rates, and our stated income commercial real estate loan can be used for most commercial property types.
Need to close quickly? Don’t have your income documentation? We never ask for income verification or tax returns. We can get you a mortgage of up to 80% LTV on most property types.
• Loan Amounts up to 5 Million
• No tax returns required
• Above 650 credit score approved
• 25 to 30% down will get you the financing you need
• 30 year fully amortized loan (fixed for 3 or 8 years)
• Have the property in your hands in 30 days
• We are a nationwide lender
• Since we are a direct lender, we are able to get you a letter of intent (LOI) within 48 hours and close within 30 days
• Alpine Funding Corp’s back office helps you the client with all your real estate needs. We handle your Title, insurance, Council. Whether it’s your sources or our sources.
• Good for partnership buyouts, debt consolidation, working capital for your business, owner occupied users are acceptable.
Call to review your financing scenarios with our deal team at (201) 541-0371 or visit our website at!

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