No Document Refinancing

What Is a No Document Loan? 

There are many ways to go about financing if you’re in the market to purchase property, but one of the lesser known ways is a no document loan. A no document loan is used when a borrower wishes to purchase property without providing substantial documentation. This type of financing is available through private lenders with Alpine Funding Corp, and we’d be more than willing to discuss your options for a no document loan with us today.

What Do I Need to Qualify? 

The title of a no document loan might be a little deceiving if you think it means you don’t have to provide any documentation at all. It simply means you don’t have to provide documents that verify your income or tax returns. For those that are self-employed or investors, this type of loans might be the best solution for financing to purchase a property. We are a private lender so we can discuss your financial situation on a case by case basis, which means we can be flexible with the terms and parameters of our loans.

Although we don’t review income verification or tax returns, there are some other restrictions to qualifying for a no document loan. We do check for information regarding limited income, assets, employment, and credit score to help determine the specifications of the loan. In order to secure the best terms for a no document loan, we will also appraise the property that you are looking to purchase.

Refinancing with a No Document Loan…Is It Right For You?

Whether you prefer to keep your finances a little more private, or you’re a local investor who wants to get started on a rehab project, no document loans might be an option for you. If you are self-employed and have difficulty showing your taxable income, you might want to look into the details of a no document loan with Alpine Funding Corp as well. We don’t require you to show your income or tax returns so you could be on the road to a loan with us in no time.

If you’re thinking about using a no document loan to refinance, it’s important that you know that we place no limit on the number of rental properties the can be owned. We underwrite our loans based on the cash flow that will be produced instead of focusing on your personal income. This is a major reason why Alpine Funding Corp is a good source for investors who are looking to purchase 1-4 unit properties as they will generate income on a monthly basis and help repay the new loan. A no document loan may be the perfect option for this situation since you will be able to prove the return on the properties you choose to purchase making it easier to qualify.

  • Purchase or Refinane
  • No tax returns
  • On purchase or Refinance: Up to 75 LTV
  • Investment properties only
  • 1 to four family, Multi family, Mixed Use,
  • Commercial; Office, retail, warehouse, etc…
  • Loan term is fixed for 3,5,7 and 30 year with a 30 year amortization

Explore Your Options Today 

The Alpine Funding Corp professionals will help you determine if refinancing with a no document loan is a good idea for your personal situation. We work with clients in New Jersey and across the U.S., and we can’t wait to speak with you. Contact Alpine Funding Corp to get started today.

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