No Document Loans in New Jersey

No Doc, No Problem: See if a No Documentation Loan Makes Sense for You

No document loans are the mortgage solution for many borrowers who want to purchase property with little to no documentation provided. This unique financing option is available through the private lenders at Alpine Funding Corp. Known commonly as “no-doc mortgages” or “no-doc loans,” no documentation loans come in all shapes and sizes. Our mortgage professionals work closely with borrowers in New Jersey and across the U.S. in finding the best-suited financing for their needs. As a private lender, we can offer rates and terms that big banks simply cannot. If you are curious about a no-doc loan through Alpine Funding Corp, contact us with questions and to schedule a consultation today.

The Basics of a No Documentation Loan

“No documentation” typically does not mean that you are excluded from providing any proof of income. While we are a private lender, we are diligent in ensuring that our clients can make their mortgage payments. We focus on providing loans that work for our clients toward their financial success, rather than putting them at great risk. No documentation loans typically have a higher interest rate than with traditional loans that require more paperwork, simply because they by nature carry a higher level of risk. They also require a larger down payment.

Limited income, asset, employment, or other information may be required depending on what type of loan limit a client seeks and how strong his or her credit score is. We will also appraise the property that each client seeks to purchase. The Alpine Funding Corp professionals will work arduously with each client to find a financing solution.

The Benefits of a No Documentation Loan

Most of our clients interested in no-doc loans explore this option because they have difficulty showing their wealth and income on paper. Many self-employed clients are good candidates for no documentation loans because they may have difficulty showing their taxable income. Instead, they may use their savings or at least six months of claimed income in reserve as documentation.

Other clients simply prefer to keep their extensive financial history and tax paperwork private. For some clients, this extra level of privacy is worth the higher down payment and interest rate associated with no doc loans.

Explore Your Options Today

No documentation loans are not right for everyone. The Alpine Funding Corp professionals will help you compare the pros and cons of no documentation loans with traditional mortgage options. Our goal, ultimately, is to help you find the best rate for your financial future and your future as a homeowner. We work with clients in New Jersey and across the U.S., and we can’t wait to speak with you. Contact Alpine Funding Corp to get started today.