“Stated” Income Commercial Real Estate Loans are Back—and Better


Prior to ’08, when commercial lenders were ramping up their sales volumes to compete for big securitization dollars, borrowers could simply state their personal and property income in lieu of revealing inferior debt-service coverage ratios. Lenders became overly comfortable relying on stated income instead of verified data, and gradually even lowered borrower credit score requirements… [Read More]

Stated Income Loans – Mortgage Loans That Don’t Require any Income Docs


For stated income loans 2015 has been a breakthrough year. What is perhaps the most significant factor with stated loans is the fact that they do not require a person to furnish any income documents whatsoever. This makes stated income loans ideal for self-employed individuals, or those borrowers that do not have a stable source… [Read More]

No Need to Furnish Tax Returns


While most traditional mortgage loans require a borrower to furnish their income tax returns, stated income home loans do not have any such requirement. We can help you, visit us today.

Stated Income Loans in 2015 Required No Income Documents


How Mortgage Loans Have Changed in 2015 Qualifying for a mortgage after 2008 became very restrictive, especially for people who do not have abundant or stable income. People who show less income on their tax returns have not had the option to refinance or purchase real estate by getting a conventional loan from a lending… [Read More]

Stated Income Loans in 2016: Yes, They Are Coming Back


Just a few years ago, stated income loans were very popular and there were plenty of stated income lenders who had flexible guidelines and low stated income rates. Then the credit crisis hit and lenders began pulling their stated income mortgage programs. As lenders began to stop offering stated income loans, many small business owners… [Read More]

Reasons for stated income loans


These loans are nominally intended for self-employed borrowers, or other borrowers who might have difficulty documenting their income. Stated income loans have been extended to customers with a wide range of credit histories, including subprime borrowers. Stated income loans fill a gap of situations which normal loan standards would not approve. For example, a standard… [Read More]